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Heartland Training Team LLC

Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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Women's Issues
What's it like to be stalked by a madman intent on murder? Here's a chilling story in the intended victims own words. I will not go quietly.pdf

Unlike 49 other states, Illinois denies its citizens access to the most effective self defense tool ever invented. Why?

One woman's recommendation...fight like a Cornered Cat.

This is an online book designed to give women information about a variety of firearm related topics: Gun Safety, Kids and Guns, Selecting your First Handgun, Shooting Basics and More. I highly recommend it for the woman who's considering a firearm for self protection.

After you've absorbed the material presented in Cornered Cat, I recommend you follow up with our NRA Basic Pistol Marksmanship Class. This is a hands-on course designed for the inexperienced shooter and will build on the knowledge you've gained from your reading and study. You can take this course even though you don't own a gun; guns, ammunition and safety equipment are provided. Check our Training Calendar for the next available class.