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Heartland Training Team LLC

Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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What You Need to Bring to Class
Here's a list of necessary items you'll need when you come to class:
     A copy of your Drivers License and FOID Card.
     A copy of all supporting documents for your Prior Training Credits. (DD214, NRA Basic Pistol Course
     Certificate, CCW Cards, Hunter Ed Card, etc)
     A pen and Note Pad
     Your Handgun, Holster and appropriate Belt.  (Optional:  Extra Magazines/Speedloaders and appropriate
     Magazine/Speedloader Carriers)
     Ammunition:  250 rounds of Factory Ammunition for the 16 hour class, 150 rounds for the 8 hour class.
     (Reloads not allowed)
     An open front cover garment for practicing your draw from concealment.
     Ear & Eye Protection.  (If you and your Optomitrist are confident that your regular glasses are
     polycarbonate lenses, you may use them)
     Baseball Cap (Optional but recommended to deflect expended brass from fired cartridges)
     A shirt or blouse with a tight fitting collar to prevent hot ejected brass from dropping down into your
     chest area.
     Comfortable clothing and shoes that match weather conditions. (Flip Flops and sandals are not
     You may bring your own lunch or leave the Training Center to eat lunch.  (Lunch period is one hour)
Note:  These classes may go until 6 PM
We look forward to seeing you in training.