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Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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I wanted to thank you for excellent instruction for beginners and the professional experience in a class setting.  I will always carry the basics with me.


Hi Larry and Mike, 

Thank you both for such a wonderful experience in the Concealed Carry Class.  Can't tell you how much I enjoyed learning this new skill!  Both of your teaching skills made it very enjoyable.  Learned much and am looking forward to many more classes and the challenging experiences.


I've taken Shoot to Live 1, NRA Metallic Reloading, NRA Range Safety Officer and the AR-15 Class from this group. Instruction was excellent!  I highly recommend this training team for all of your training.  They go above and beyond the basics and range safety is the highest possible.  All of the instructors take more advanced classes each year that they bring back and incorporate into their classes.  You cannot go wrong with any class from the Heartland Training Team!!


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Intermediate Defensive Pistol class Saturday. Thank you for your time and expertise! I feel much more confident about my limited skills now then before the day started Saturday. I look forward to practicing what I've learned and look forward to taking future training sessions with you and your team.
Sincerely, C.


Just to say thanks to your presentation on IDP this past Saturday.

I came away with useful information and knowledge regarding the skills necessary in the use of my pistol for defensive purposes.
As always, your teaching method was outstanding. You are never boring in your presentation, and I always come away from your classes with useful practical knowledge.
Keep up the good work!
I will most assuredly sign-up for further classes in the near future as they may come available.
With sincere respect,

P. W.

Mike & Larry:


As a retired State Police Lieutenant with over 30 years of police service, I chose your training group to update my training for two simple reasons. 


First was the instructor credentials you and Mike bring to the classroom. 


Second was your reputation for being easy to understand, no nonsense instructors who exemplify the words "Safe and Professional".  The classes I attended were exactly that. 


Your organization is what all others should strive to become.


Mike H.


Mike & Larry


I just wanted to drop you both a line to say that Jonathan and I enjoyed the recent class immensely! 


We loved everything from the opening comments to the disassembly of the rifles to shooting on the range.  Even the  persistent jams and ill-fitting accessories were learning opportunities, and while probably frustrating for you, very educational for us.


I hope your both know that the services you provide through the Heartland Training Team are valuable and essential to the education of citizens within the Southern Illinois Region.  What you do is Soooooo important.  We look forward to learning even more from you both in the future.


Mollie D.




What awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Also, a BIG thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to instruct the basic handgun class at our WITO event again this year. The ladies have nothing but good things to say about YOU and the class. I appreciate your ongoing support of the program over the years! Mark your calendar for the weekend of May 2nd next year and plan to join us again.

Have a nice weekend,


Larry & Mike,

Thanks Larry for taking the time to take and send all those picture. We both very much enjoyed them, but no more then we have enjoyed the class. It has been a very fun and informative few weeks for us, and I know that in the future we will do lot of plinking. I hope that before this is over that we have a picture of you instructing.....happy to take the shot if you would like. Anyhow, GOOD JOB.

Don and Vici

I believe every woman should have the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely handle a firearm, especially if there are firearms in her home. A woman should be able to safely and confidently check a firearm to see if it is loaded, load it if the situation warrants, and safely unload if necessary.

I was once very frightened of firearms and unwilling to handle one. Because the Basic Pistol Class taught me how a handgun functions, how ammunition works, and the importance of ALWAYS following the NRA basic rules of firearm safety I can truthfully say I no longer fear firearms. 

Having taken the Basic Pistol Class and the Personal Protection in the Home class has not only has changed my attitude about firearms but the experience has also given me greater confidence in my ability to protect myself should I find myself and my family if confronted with someone intent on causing harm. That peace of mind is priceless.

And not only that! I have found shooting is also a ton of fun!! In fact, shooting sports are now my favorite recreational pastime!
V. Rowe

Larry/Mike, your web site looks great. We had a great time at the class and learned a lot as well. Vonnie and Anthony were very happy I "draggged" them there once the class got started. It was fun, educational and professionally presented. The content was just what we needed as new shooters. I look forward to additional classes. I may look at doing these through JAL as I will be 60 at the end of July and what the heck, it cheaper for me. Does it matter to you?

Mahlon Nana Korobi ya oki

Hey, Larry,

Thanks (again) to you and Mike C. for an excellent class and for following-up with the loading data and sources. I really learned a lot (and better yet, what I had hoped to learn when I signed-up for the class) and will recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a similar training/educational experience. You guys are the best.

Mike M.

Thanks for fitting me into the RSO class. The class was very informative and professionally done. I enjoyed the class.
God bless

Thanks for continuing to keep us informed. Your classes are well planned, helpful, on task,
and, God knows, too much fun. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not having a gun class to look forward to.
Thanks again for doing such a great job!

Thank you for the informative instruction in the Range Safety Officer and Pistol Classes. I really learned a lot and it was due to your good teaching. You do a great job! I am looking forward to more classes.
Thanks for all you do for freedom!

Larry and Mike,

I just wanted to tell you gentlemen how much I enjoyed your class Saturday and Sunday. I sincerely learned so much. You guys are consummate professionals. I will be back to work my way through some of the other classes you teach. Thanks again for a great class.