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Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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Here's a link to the latest Illinois State Police Guide to obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit:




This is a link to the Illinois State Police Concealed Carry website:


 Are you Ready for Concealed Carry?



I mean REALLY ready? 


Do you know what equipment you'll need to carry safely and discretely?


Are you familiar with the basic firearm safety rules?  Do you have them memorized and do you incorporate them into your personal gun handling.


Are you familliar with the skill set necessary to draw your handgun, fire accurately, reholster, handle stoppages and make quick, efficient magazine changes?


Have you considered what the effects of a massive adrenalin dump might do to your skills?


Have you adopted the Winning Mindset necessary to prevail in the face of a criminal attack?


From what we currently know, the Illinois Concealed Carry Training required to obtain your CCW License will NOT address all of these issues.


Our recommendation:  Make your equipment selections, test them on the range and get training under a competent instructor before coming to the Illinois CCW license training.  Take our classes, take someone elses' classes, but take classes geared specifically to prepare you for Concealed Carry.


Carrying a Self Defense Handgun is an enormous responsibility.  You're responsible for the safety of not only yourself but of those around you.  A mistake can cost you dearly not only in personal anquish but financially.


Keep and eye on this page for solid, tested advice about how to prepare yourself for this responsibility.




Here's the first in a series of Articles/Checklists to help you prepare for the awesome responsibility of carrying a firearm for self defense.  It's our Concealed Carry Recommended Equipment List.  This equipment list is a result of years of experience carrying concealed and training individuals to Carry Concealed. 


Click here to get started:  HTT Recommended Equipment List.pdf


Dry Fire is an important skill builder.  Do it right and do it safely here:  Guide to Safe Dry Fire Practice.pdf


Reference Websites: 


          The Five Point Draw:


          Womens' Holsters:









This is another installment of our series of articles designed to bring you up-to-speed on Concealed Carry.


This week we explore the Fundamental Firearm Safety Rules. There are a variety of rules that may be applicable to your specific environment but two of these firearm safety rules never change.  They're Rules # 1 and # 2.


Rule # 1, Always keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed in a safe direction.  (The Golden Rule of Firearm Safety)


So what does this mean?  Simply put, it means keep the muzzle pointed away from people, including yourself. 


This rule sounds simple on the surface but distractions on the Firing Range or other places you might be can cause a lapse in your muzzle discipline.  You must be constantly aware of your muzzle direction until it becomes a subconscious action.


Rule # 1 is considered the Golden Rule of Firearm Safety because it trumps all the others.  If you get careless or distracted while handling your handgun and violate Rule # 2 (Finger off the Trigger) for instance, but you keep your muzzle pointed away from people, a Negligent Discharge will not hurt anyone.


We recommend you master the skill of muzzle control before you come to class to eliminate any potential for an unfortunate accident.


Next time we'll explore Rule # 2, Keeping your Trigger Finger OFF the trigger until you're on target and ready to shoot.



Do you need to change the address on your FOID Card or CCW Card?  Click Here: