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Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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Illinois Concealed Carry FAQ
Note:  This page will be updated with pertinent information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry Act as it becomes available.
Here's a link to the latest Illinois State Police Concealed Carry FAQ:



If you want to use your UTAH CCW Permit as Proof of Prior Training, You'll need a copy of your Utah Application with the Instructor Stamp or a letter from your Utah Instructor indicating you took his class with his stamp. The Utah CCW card is currently not acceptable proof of Prior Training.



The Chicago Firearms Training Permit no longer exists and cannot be used as Proof of Training for an IL CCW Permit.



If your FOID Card has expired and you've applied for another one, the Heartland Training Team will accept a copy of (1) your FOID Application and (2) your canceled check as proof the you are eligable for a FOID Card.  At the current time, we don't know and can not find out if the ISP will process your CCW Application without a valid FOID Card.


What should you do?  Check your FOID expiration date now and if your expired, apply now.  It is currently taking the ISP up to seven (7) months to process FOID Cards.