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Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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Gun Maintenance

Home Made Gun Cleaner
I've been unsing this stuff for years and I've found it just as effective as the store brands for cleaning the bore and action of everything from handguns to bolt rifles to AR's and AK's. The formula was developed at Frankford Arsenal, a US Army Ammunition Plant, in Pennsylvania. (Closed in 1977)
So why would anyone go to the trouble of finding the components and mixing his own gun cleaner? Not only is Ed's Red effective, it's also cheap.
Do the math yourself. Figure out what you pay for a few ounces of your typical bore solvent and then calculate what you'd pay to mix a gallon of Ed's Red. You'll get the picture.
Caveat: Keep the container tightly closed to prevent evaporation of the volatile solvents.
Click on the link above for a downloadable copy of the formula and other information about the history of Ed's Red.