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Heartland Training Team LLC

Professional firearms training for the novice and experienced shooter at an affordable price since 1999.
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Question: Do I need a FOID card to attend one of your training sessions?
Answer:No. There's a provision in Illinois law that exempts attendees at a training event from the FOID Card provisions as long as they're under the supervision of an instructor.
Note: If you use your own gun for the training event and must transport that gun to the training event, you must have an FOID Card to comply with Illinois Firearm Transportation Laws.

Question: I'm a woman and I'm new to shooting. What courses would you recommend I take?
Answer:The NRA Basic Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Courses are entry level courses. They are the gateway courses to and frequently are prerequisites for the more advanced Personal Protection and Instructor Courses.

Question: I have a youngster whose interested in attending your shooting courses. Are there any minimum age limits?
Answer: Children mature physically and mentally at different ages.
From a physical standpoint, a youngster should be at least 85 pounds and 4' 8" or taller to fully benefit from these courses. The youngster must have the physical strength to lift, mount and hold the firearm steady.
Mental maturity is a little harder to define. You must ultimately be the judge as to the mental maturity or your child. He/she must be able to sit through several one-hour classroom sessions and absorb the material. Range exercises require a high level of mautuity because of the safety issues involved. Err on the side of caution as the safety of fellow students could be at risk.

Question: What if I don't have a gun...can I still attend your classes?
Answer: The NRA Basic Classes do not require you to own a gun. We provide the firearms for these classes.
If you decide to attend the Personal Protection Classes, you must have a handgun. That handgun would preferably be of 38 special, 9 millimeter caliber or higher. If, however, all you have or can handle is a 22 caliber handgun for self-defense, bring that and we'll train you with specific techniques for that gun.
Senior Self-Defense and Pepper Spray Classes do not require firearms.

Question: How fast does a bullet travel in Miles per Hour?
Answer: If you know the muzzle velocity in feet per second (the usual method of measurement), multiply by 0.6818 to determine miles per hour. Example: The muzzle velocity of your 45 auto is 850 ft/sec. Multiply 850 ft/sec by 0.6818 and you'll find your 45 ACP bullet is traveling at 580 miles per hour. Works for shotguns too.

Question:  Tell me about gun usage in the United states

Answer:  Click on the Link below.  It's all you need to know.