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Concealed Carry

If you don't have an Illinois  Concealded Carry License, you can still carry a handgun with you if you follow certain rules.  Check out the article below.  This article from the Champaign County Rifle Club addresses the issue.

Fanny Pack Carry Info.pdf


Reluctant to take advantage of the Illinois Fanny Pack Carry Law? Feel self conscious when you do?

Go here for help: Fanny Pack Myths.pdf

Traveling to another state and want to protect yourself and your loved ones? Don't dispair. Here's how to do it legally.



Need a Concealed Carry License to cover you when you leave Illinois?  There are at least three states that offer non-resident licenses without the necessity of traveling to that state for testing, Florida, Utah and Arizona.


I recommend you visit this page on the Florida website to see what states honor NON-RESIDENT Florida CCW Permits.


Here's Arizona:


Here's Utah: